Here at our facility, we believe in high performance training that achieves real results.
Our focus is to train athletes to become not only great in their chosen sport, but to also become great men and women personally. We are committed to assisting individuals to become healthier and happier people.  
If you want your child to train like a pro, learn from Pro's or if you're an adult wanting to take your mind and body to another level, get ready!!!  We train adults like athletes and train athletes to Dominate. #Gigem #SayYestoYOU!  
Wide reciever Kaymon Farmer has been with C4 Sports Performance for 10+ years. Farmer started as a walk-on and in 2013 he broke the Southeastern receptions record and led the GAC in receptions and in 2015 he led the GAC in receptions again. 
C4 athlete Emanuel Porter scored the last TD of a great 2015 Season for TCU to win the Alamo Bowl. That catch is more than a catch, it's everything he's been through and had to overcome this year. Confidence at its finest. Catch him at C4 this offseason going hard.
Jorvorskie Lane
"The best trainer in the business. If you have kids that are in sports or kids that are in a marching band or kids that require a great place to learn from positive male role models then this is the place for you. If you want to succeed at anything in life you have to train and if you are going to train you might as well train with the best!" ~ Dometrius Hill (ATA Martial Arts)    
 "Coop knows exactly what he is doing. I keep in touch with him for both nutrition advice and training advice throughout the offseason. You are in great hands at C4! ~ Taylor McNamara (USC Trojan - Starting Tight End)
"C4 should be the place ANY Athlete wants to train! It's ran by a Good person even better coach/trainer who was an outstanding player! So why not rock with #C4 & blow up" ~ Jamal Jonas (International Scouting Network)
" I'm THERE!!!!  C4 Life= Explosive Life Spirit, Mind, Body!!! ~ Jorvorskie Lane (Tampa Bay Buccaneers)

" I'm the head softball coach for Murray State College. While we have not yet sent any of our current athletes to C4 (Waiting on facility to be completed) we plan to have all of our "local" athletes train with them during the offseason. I'm also suggesting C4 to our other sports coaching staffs. Excited to see the results over the summer offseason. I trust this group! ~ Marie Stone (Texas A&M University -Texarkana Head Softball Coach, Previous Murray State College Head Softball Coach)