All of our programs follow the most up to date research in Sports Science, as well as traditional, time tested training with proven results with Safety and Injury Prevention always being our top priority. 
Check out our Adult Fitness Programs below to determine which best suits you!
Camaraderie Fitness
  3+ Adults
1-4 Sessions/Week
Camaraderie Fitness is our unique Adult Group Training for the active adult focused on living a healthier, more fulfilled life to enhance confidence through consistent training while conditioning the body for a well rounded life using our proven adult high performance training system. 

Camaraderie Fitness classes will allow you to be in small group (3+) with adults of similar interests building camaraderie and accountability. Group Training is similar to personal training with the program being tailored more specific to the needs of the client. Recent Studies have shown some personality types gravitate towards this type of atmosphere. Our evolving programming guarantees to never leave you bored Burn fat, develop a higher level of work capacity and increase overall strength and conditioning assuring that Camaraderie Fitness is right for you.
Personal Training
1-2/ Couples option
1-4 Sessions/Week
Work one on one with one of our coaches and receive a personalized Outcome Based Training, Fueling (Nutrition) and Supplementation plan designed for your needs. Whether you want to lose weight, tone up, gain strength and muscle or just live a more fulfilled life independent of sickness and pain with personal training; its customized and designed specifically for your needs to deliver the desirable Outcome. This is a must have class for those desiring and/or requiring individual programming and individual attention also receive all of the benefits of Personal Training such as extra weekend sessions and flexible scheduling.