Athletic Performance Programs
Foundational Applied Sports Performance Training System
Explosive Athletes Dominate, Break Records, Get Noticed and get to the Next Level. Our Improved and Evolved #580FAST training system has been proven to help Athletes take their ability to the levels as high as the NFL, LPGA and Collegiate levels. We have the training that enhances your ability to play your Sport with more Speed, Power, Strength and Confidence setting you apart from the competition. We Strategically focus on Injury Prevention by assessing and coaching Quality Movement, building a Foundation of Strength and then Developing Power and Speed that will Set you apart.
Youth Speed & Agility
Our youth Speed and Agility Classes are ideal for athletes 3rd-6th looking to build CONFIDENCE in the foundation of their performance & ability. We teach Sprinting, Deceleration and jumping mechanics in a safe, fun, energetic environment. We specialize in footwork movement & body awareness in all sessions. Classes focus on a specific drill or technique which is repeated with multiple repetitions to ingrain good habits & motor patterns. The time is never too early to start your young athlete moving & keep them moving towards their personal success!  We aren't a Daycare, we take the development of Children very serious.

Athlete Camaraderie

This is our large group training for Athletes, it is designed to improve all general athletic qualities, beginning with safety and injury prevention. We train to improve Work Capacity, Strength, Power, Acceleration, Deceleration, Top Speed, Flexibility and stability as well emphasizing the importance of training by implementing creative fun training games. When athletes see the value in training they want to train and view training as a must to succeed not as a Must to get by.  This can be used by Teams as stand-alone Off-Season program or by individuals wanting to train and compete in a large group.